What is an email archiving solution?

Email archiving is a method of archiving email exchanges in a digital format that can be searched, indexed, and retrieved. Email archiving systems are commonly used by businesses for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Continuity of operations and disaster recovery
  • Internal audits and investigations are conducted regularly.
  • E-discovery in the context of a legal case.
  • Regulatory adherence.
  • Management of records.
  • Documentation and preservation of intellectual property.

Email Archiving Best Practices

Every day, businesses generate more data—and more kinds of data. It’s never been more difficult to keep an email archiving system compliant, cost-effective, and efficient.

Organizations should look for these characteristics as part of email archiving best practices to get the most out of their email archiving investments:

Good performance and user experience

The ideal email archiving system allows users access to historical data through a centralized, searchable repository.

At the user level, it should be simple and intuitive, with a familiar user experience that fits the organization’s workflow and keeps employees productive. And, regardless of how huge the archive becomes, search performance should be quick and accurate.

What is an email archiving solution

High fidelity and data quality

Email archiving best practices suggest that the archive be reliable to demonstrate the chain of custody and preserve every message that enterprises require.

Consider using an email archiving service to ensure that no messages are lost even if the network goes down.

Data security

If the archived data isn’t safe, then organizations run the risk of not being compliant. Any data that leaves the system should always be encrypted to keep it secure.

Consider a cloud archiving solution that safeguards data while it is in transit and at rest in the cloud archive architecture.

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