Best Email Archiving Software in 2021

Email archiving software compresses and archives emails that are older than a user-defined threshold in order to be referenced or audited at a later stage. These solutions allow businesses to preserve complete logs of all email transactions without consuming a lot of storage space.

Companies can audit employee email conversations, sales email interaction histories, and more by preserving emails, giving them a more full picture of a user’s or company’s conversational history. Email archiving solutions will be used by IT departments to retain email history, allowing HR teams, management, sales teams, and others to audit archived emails and make business choices. Email archiving tools work well with a variety of communications platforms as a method to preserve B2B, B2C, and employee interactions.

A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Email Archiving category:

  • Compress and store emails beyond a certain age.
  • Provide keyword searching to sort through archived emails.
  • Protect stored emails with encryption and other security measures.

Mimecast Cloud Archive

Mimecast Cloud Archive has long been the industry standard for enterprise information archiving, assisting in the availability, protection, and preservation of organizational records while streamlining management and administration.

Barracuda Essentials

Ransomware, phishing, data theft, and other advanced threats all use email as a channel. With enhanced threat protection, tamper-proof archiving, and data protection, the Barracuda Essentials cloud-based solution makes email secure for business.

N-able Mail Assure

With collective threat intelligence, 24/7 email continuity, and long-term email archiving, N-able Mail Assure cloud-based email security helps you and your customers stay in control and safeguard inbound and outbound email.

Jatheon Archiving Suite

The enterprise email archiving system from Jatheon provides extensive archiving capabilities while also ensuring reliability, data security, and legal and regulatory compliance.

Proofpoint Essentials for Small Business

Proofpoint Essentials for Small Business is a cloud-based enterprise-class security solution that provides email security, continuity, archiving, and social media protection for small and medium businesses.

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